Hungry Computer

Somebody (me) has been using a wonderful site with 3d models with some free ones, so if your lazy, and just want to do a bit of animating instead of modelling, this site has everything from buildings to cars. It’s great, I may sound like I’m advertising, but it is pretty useful.

I have been able to have a bit of fun animating with my scene and character all set up. If the models say so, and you have a read of the conditions, most models are available for “commercial use”, but you cannot distribute the product in a file that another 3d application will be able to use.

For this animation I used a free “mega pack rig” by bubles studio, and the street is called “city street” by snail studios. I opened the city street file, and the appended one of the characters from the mega pack rig (I used Patin). Append is when a copy of the selected model is placed in your scene.

So you can look forward to another animation coming from me!

Edit: I forgot to mention this site where I got the models:

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